Becoming No.1...again!

The 11 June 2017 is a special day. It's a day that history will connect to passionate, driven and a ferocious smiling Spaniard.

So today, or tomorrow, if we find ourselves thinking 'there's nothing more we can do in this job', 'there's nothing more we can do in this situation', even in 'these relationships', perhaps we should look to this fabulous Spaniard and wonder what would he say to us in reply? 

But maybe we're tired, maybe we've tried, maybe we've just accepted life for what we've achieved and got a little bit lazy? I know I've been guilty in the past...and probably will be again at some point soon!

So does his story highlight that this is what we can get when we accept we're not where we know we should be? What we can get when we're prepared to define what we want to have happen? What we can get when we're prepared to start all over again and get to wherever or whatever that is? Well, that's up to us all to answer I guess...

Whatever the message we take away, I've been lucky to watch him perform his trade and for me, he's always summed up 'knowing what you're here to do, and loving it with every fibre of your soul' looks like.

But with his recent achievement, he brings an even greater strength of character, one the true champions of life release from within. The strength that lies within us all, to ignore and dismiss all those voices, including our own, who might support the notion 'to stop fighting and stop'... and let's be fair here if anyone has permission to slowly wander off into retirement with a legacy it's the smiling Spaniard. 

Maybe an example for us all, definitely an authentic human being and officially my personal tennis hero. Congratulations once again Rafa, on being Number 1...