The Camouflaged Cloak of Talent

I was travelling north on the M5 late Thursday  evening and stopped off at Taunton services for the usual cup of coffee and something unhealthy from WH Smith. 

This was what I was greeted with (the pictures in no way do this masterpiece of magazine management any justice at all!). 


A good 5 meters of magazines all arranged perfectly by the 19 year old assistant standing behind the till. Excited by the enormous attention to detail and patience required to deliver this visual spectacle, I proceeded to compliment him with great gusto. 

He simply replied 'I just thought it made the magazines more interesting to look at'. Seemingly surprised, he also proclaimed how good the customers had been in the way they interacted with his display.  

Attention to detail, tenacity, customer engagement, business marketing and influencing skills...untapped talent always gives us little clues, to help us find it. The problem is if we only ever look for what we're expecting to see, based on what we've learnt or been told it looks like in books or via 9 box models, then we are sure to miss something wonderful.  

Talent has an amazing camouflage cloak, that's why it's sometimes so hard to spot. It'll always give itself away in the end, it just can't help itself and sometimes the biggest clues are the least obvious: keep 'em peeled people!