The simple things in life...

I cast my mind back and wonder what's happened to the simple things in life? We seem to focus much of our concerns on now, next, by when and how soon. Life has got much quicker (James Gleick will tell you more!) but perhaps we've been training for and got good at running the 10k when what is actually happening is we are running a marathon? 

What do we do? Can we change things back and ask people to just slow down little and invest a bit more time in talking and thinking? Possibly not! Shame, but perhaps the what can we do.

Are we now so subconsciously embroiled in our faster paced lives that maybe we've just built mechanisms to 'cope' rather than thrive?

I get to spend a lot of time listening to people in my job and hear many who seemingly have pursuaded themselves into believing they don't have enough time to do those simple but important things. The things that engage, motivate and are needed at a human level.

What I hear are people just asking for an understanding of what others need from you, and what switches them on and off. We will always have the time, 24 hours of it each day...I guess it's what we chose to do with it that matters? 

As a great teacher once said to me in reply to my 'Sorry Sir I didn't have enough time to do my homework'...'Faulkner, you had all the time there was'