At KeepTheLearningBunring we know that effective personal and professional relationships are our greatest asset and they also require significant investment. Our aim is to support you to get the most from your relationships and ensure the time you invest brings a healthy return.

We want to support you with practical tools and techniques, that'll help you enhance your own relationship awareness, build stronger personal connections, engage effectively in positive conflict, and build confidence in your communication skills.

We specialise in one-to-one, individual executive and team coaching, team relationship and communication development as well as enhancing Managerial and Leadership capabilities. We are qualified to administer and facilitate the SDI 2.0 relationship intelligence and awareness tool which we'll use as our skeleton for conversations, reflections and to help build your personal actions.

We offer traditional learning experiences in traditional settings if that’s your preference, but if you're looking for something different we'd recommend our unique 7evernSummits outdoor learning experience.

Whatever the setting, we work with private and professional individuals, groups, and teams who are looking to enhance their relationship effectiveness, supporting and challenging you to look at yourself from a different perspective and get the very best from that experience.  

7evernSummits is an individual and team development experience set amongst the beautiful Malvern Hills in Worcestershire. 3 connected experiences, all staged outdoors deliberately removing the day-to-day distractions of your personal or working life.

We create enough ‘difference’ so that you have to fully focus on what’s in front of you, with enough ‘comfort’ to ensure you get the very best from the opportunity. It’ll be challenging, allow you to develop, and an experience you can enjoy and look back at with a sense of achievement.

It’s ideal for private or corporate clients including individuals, couples or groups of up to 8 people and it's for you if you want to:

  • identify and deploy your personal strengths more effectively
  • see more positive outcomes in your life, work, and personal relationships
  • develop your personal confidence, communication skills
  • get the most from your connections and relationships
  • learn what you’re capable of in a changing environment that will test you physically and mentally

Our facilitators are experts in their specific fields and experienced, accredited professional coaches. We will walk alongside you to help you explore your personal aspirations, professional objectives and your strengths and how you can best manage them.

We’ll challenge your perceptions of self and your perceptions of others, with a strong focus on enhancing your relationship awareness. Take a look at our facilitator biography pages so you to get to know us and understand the different roles we all play in this experience.

If you're interested in a different learning experience in a unique setting then just get in touch. We can discuss your personal, team, or organisational development needs and build a solution that meets your needs.